Scott and Amie Yancey – Flipping Houses isn’t for dummies

After watching some of the popular fix and flips shows shown on popular photo of scott and amie yancey from flipping vegasnetworks, many people become anxious to find the “flipping houses 101” course that will help them become experts.
Scott Yancey and his wife Amie Yancey are experts, best known for their starring roles in A&E’s Flipping Vegas. The fix and flip duo were a masterpiece with Scott’s knack for development and demolition mixed with Amie’s keen eye for design.

Scott and Amie Yancey- Flipping houses 101

Scott and Amie are seasoned experts when it comes to flipping, and they don’t think that flipping is for dummies. In fact, the Yancey’s teach a flipping house seminar to help teach people how to flip homes with little to no money. The Yancey’s have been all around the world teaching this program, and their techniques have proven to be successful everywhere.

Flipping houses for no money

I mean sure, it’s going to take something to get started, but the actually flipping itself can be done with much less money than you think. When one attends a Scott and Amie Yancey sponsored event, they can learn how to make money without leaving the comfort of their home.

The seminars have produced many testimonials, which can be viewed on YouTube of on A simple scan of Scott and Amie’s website also offers an in-depth look into their personal blogs. Scott’s thoughts, which is a collection of Scott Yancey’s writings, and Amie on Design, which is obviously a few design tips for the queen herself, Amie Yancey.

Flipping houses for a career

House flipping can be a career, but it isn’t for dummies! Scott and Amie always explain that anyone can be an investor with the right attitude and the right training. Many students who participate in their flipping houses seminar have gone on to flip houses for a career and have found success.

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